Laws of physics and nature are God’s laws

On a Christian perspective of physics.

The laws of physics and all other laws of nature are the laws of God. Regrettably many professors subscribe actively or passively to worldviews with logical incoherence that is apparent in their bad philosophy and misrepresentations of God and the laws of nature. This is their basis for dismissing God as the creator of the universe and assigning unwarranted ultimate authority to scientific explanations.

Here are three popular errors by most outspoken atheists professors that are common in textbooks and classes in different disciplines of study.

  • First, their worldviews assume order in order to argue for disorder. In origins debate, they assume a cause and rationality in order to argue for nothing.
  • Secondly, they misrepresent God as (i) an invention of ancient people, and  (ii) a god that is there only to fill the gaps in our current scientific knowledge. These misrepresentations lead atheists to erroneously place God and the law of nature in the same category as alternative explanations of the universe. and everything.
  • Thirdly, they misrepresent the laws of nature. Laws of physics like all other laws of nature are descriptive and predictive but not creative. They cannot cause an event.

In a public lecture  delivered on the 19th of August 2011 John Lennox, professor of mathematics at Oxford university points out these and other manifestations of logical incoherence in the ideas of Stephen Hawking and other atheistic scholars about God and the universe. This lecture is based on  his book God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Anyway?  For a general introduction of the weaknesses and faulty logic of dominant worldviews in the classroom today, see “Encountering non-Christian worldviews” chapter 6 of  Facing Intellectual Giants by D. Chimere-Dan, 2011.

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