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The contemporary intellectual culture is characterized by an increasing degree of diversity in primary beliefs and worldviews that vie for recognition and supremacy. When these elements of the intellectual world are in conflict in classroom situations, not many students are equipped to manage the consequences for their academic training.

This book prepares students to understand and manage clashes of beliefs and worldviews that influence how knowledge is delivered to them in the classroom. It demystifies the dominant intellectual orthodoxy that confuses and sometimes frightens newcomers in the intellectual world. Drawing from years of experience in training of students, research and management of higher education, the author also includes practical suggestions on how to approach intellectual conflicts in different courses and classes.

The book is an excellent resource for general studies and foundation courses in undergraduate programs that aim to expose students to the drivers of intellectual change. It is highly recommended to students and others who need to know how to reconcile personal faith and beliefs with academic learning and scholarship in the modern world.


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