Academic Freedom

Although issues about academic freedom are more popularly discussed and promoted in relation to researchers, scholars and professors, they apply equally to students. Many Christian students in secular universities are easy targets for intimidation and hostility from professors, authorities and professional groups simply because they hold biblical beliefs and perspectives. The subordinate position of students should never be exploited by a teacher to indoctrinate them in beliefs and viewpoints that they see no considered basis to accept without pressure or coercion.

This statement on “Academic Freedom for Students” aims to contribute to fostering a learning environment in which people can freely exchange ideas, challenge conventional beliefs and debate controversial issues in their clearly designated roles as teachers and students.

When a target number of signatures has been collected, the statement will be formally packaged and distributed to authorities and institutions of higher education in all countries represented by the signatories.

By signing this statement, you contribute to classrooms that are conducive for learning in colleges and universities worldwide. Please encourage other colleagues and friends to sign the statement.


“Students have a right to respectfully accept, question or reject beliefs, theories and viewpoints on any subject without placing themselves in jeopardy of attracting intimidation, personal hostility or losing marks in tests and examinations.”

Please support academic freedom for Christian students worldwide.