The aim of this site is to encourage Christian students to learn different academic courses in ways that are intellectually faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. It contains additional support materials that are not easily accessible to students especially those in non-Christian universities.

We will feature regular articles, short notes and blog posts on aspects of intellectual work that are experienced by Christian students today. Initial articles and discussions are based on issues raised in the book Facing Intellectual Giants by Dan Chimere-Dan (Procross Media, 2011). There will be news, events and special reports about intellectual experiences of Christian students in different universities. From time to time, we will organize events, invite contributions from professors, hold Q&A sessions as well as other online activities on academic issues that are of interest for Christian students.

We love the Lord Jesus Christ and are excited to live for Him with the Bible as our standard of faith and practice in all areas of life. We take care to ensure that resources posted or recommended here are faithful to biblical authority.

If you are a believer, you are in the right place. Feel at home. We pray that you will find the resources here useful in your academic work. Our hope is that this site will be fully interactive. Feel free to send in comments, questions and suggestions about what you would like to see posted here for the benefit of Christian students.